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Depression is an equal opportunity destroyer - it knows no age limit, no race, no religion.

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You're not alone, there is help.

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Are you depressed?

Life today is a challenge.  The economy, children growing up, illness, aging parents, divorce, death, moving...the list is endless.  However, if you have experienced five of more of these general symptoms within the same two week period, it could indicate an episode of depression.

I'm feeling depressed...

You may feel sad, empty, worthless, helpless - hopeless, and crying is part of your daily routine.

Nothing is fun, I'm not interested!

What was fun yesterday is not fun today. Habits that brought joy are now a chore.  No energy to do even normal activities.  Not caring about your personal appearance. 

I'm gaining weight - oops, I'm losing weight...

Do you find yourself eating when you're not hungry - anytime day or night?  Another indication is losing your interest in food, sleeping is more important to you.

I'm sleeping all day, all night - or not at all?

Sleep is your safe place. You shut down to close your mind, or, you're not sleeping because peace and resolution is evading you.

Help - I'm moving too fast - too slow - not at all!

Sometimes depression speeds you up. You look like a ship without a rudder - running from one thing to the next.  Or, it takes you all day to complete what you once did in an hour.  Maybe you're not accomplishing anything, and you have no energy or desire.

I'm just too tired!

No matter how much sleep you get, it's not healing your body, mind and spirit. You go to bed tired, you wake up tired.  Everything is an effort.

I'm just not worth anything - and the guilt - but I deserve it...

You feel worthless, and with that, you may also feel guilty about things you have no control over.  The smallest issue may become a mountain. You don't feel equipped to deal with daily issues, so you push them aside, and the worthlessness and guilt grows.

I can think straight - nothing makes sense!

Lack of sleep, interest and energy can toss you into a foggy state of mind.  Things are cloudy, you may feel like you're no longer in control of anything, doubting your ability to make any decision.

I am better off dead...

When you feel so much stress, pressure, fear - you may have thoughts of death.  Again, the lack of sleep, proper diet, loss of interest, feelings of hopelessness - takes it's toll on your wellbeing...your opinion of yourself - your self-worth. 

Depression can be treated.  You can smile again, sleep, make those decisions, do the fun stuff you always loved, and become the person you are - again...

All treatment intervention is based on objective and subjective evaluations and assessments.